Winter tyres in North Down

For the winter, you need tyres which give you a firm grip on the road and ensure safety. If you are in or around North Down, get in touch with Jim Morrow Tyres & Batteries.

Worried about winter?

Whether you own a tractor, motorbike or sports car, here at Jim Morrow Tyres and Batteries, we strive to provide you with the best tyre services that will keep you safe. Just bring your car to us for an expert winter tyre test. We will check the extent of your car’s grip on the road and offer you advice on the changes that need to be made. You are guaranteed to be supplied with an extensive range of winter tyres from us. We will meet the demands of any budget with our retail, repair and fitting services, guaranteeing that you will always have access to high quality winter tyres. We also provide vehicle batteries and commercial tyres.

Get a grip…

When the weather gets cold and the roads get icy, car safety is key. That’s why we strive to provide you with the highest quality, winter tyres, helping your car grip the road and get you where you need to go. Bring your car to us and our professionals will check the winter suitability and offer you knowledgeable advice on the safety steps to take. We will supply or change your tyres to winter tyres and then supply or change your winter tyres in early spring back to ordinary tyres.

A few reasons to use winter tyres

• Extra grip on the road in the winter
• Improved handling
• Better braking efficiency
• Fewer chances for skidding and getting stuck in the snow

Farm work to finish? Even large farm vehicles need quality tyres to function properly. Take a look at the range of agricultural tyres that we can offer you.

In the winter, you need quality tyres that give you firm grip on the road and keep you safe. At Jim Morrow Tyres & Batteries, we provide you with quality winter tyres that help you tackle all kinds of winter conditions. Contact us to place your order. We offer our services in North Down and surrounding areas.

For quality car tyres and batteries in North Down, call: 028 9754 1637

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